Episode 6: A Conversation with Jen Dalton of BrandMirror

Today’s guest is Jen Dalton of BrandMirror. Jen is a personal brand strategist, international speaker, and author. She collaborates with CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs to build authentic personal brands, growing their revenue and accelerating their impact.

Jen has delivered hundreds of talks across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. She is the author or two books.
Jen’s first book The Intentional Entrepreneur was published in 2016 and shared her process for launching brands that disrupt the status quo.

Jen’s second book Listen: How to Embrace the Difficult Conversations Life Throws at You was published in December 2020 and was a key topic of our discussion together.

In our conversation Jen provides some helpful insights into:

  • How to practice and prepare for difficult conversations
  • The importance of engaging in tough conversations rather than avoiding them
  • Reminding us that sometimes certain difficult conversations that come our way are not actually ours to have – and how to stand up for yourself if someone tries to make their problematic conversation yours
  • How we can help ourselves – and our conversational partner – slow down and get out of fight or flight mode and back into collaboration and connecting mode
  • Listening without judgment

The 6 different types of conversations and why it’s important to know, in the moment, what type of conversation you are having so that you can show up with presence.

Another topic we cover is women empowerment and philanthropy. Some of the references Jen mentions during the episode are linked below:

You can follow Jen and her work at:
LinkedIn: jennifervdalton
Facebook and Twitter: BrandMirror
Instagram: BrandMirror77

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