Meet the Author Series | Jen Dalton and Jan Molino

December 9, 2020 at 12:00 PM EST

Interviewer: Jan Molino, President & CEO, Aspire Ascend, Author: Jen Dalton

Jan Molino, President & CEO, Aspire Ascend (

Jan Molino is the President and CEO of the consulting firm, Aspire Ascend, LLC based in Washington, DC. Bringing her unique combination of corporate and non-profit management experience to the firm, she focuses on providing a comprehensive portfolio of career building, board development services and coaching programs to enhance the success of women in leadership positions and build power as a female executive. She works with executive women across the full spectrum of industries, businesses, organizations and the nonprofit arena who aim to build lasting legacies of outstanding boardroom and C-suite performance, delivering board development, leadership training, executive coaching, career management, Women’s Leadership Forums and public speaking on women in leadership. Twitter and Instagram – @aspireascend

Featured Author

Jen Dalton is a personal brand strategist, international speaker, and author. She collaborates with CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs to build authentic personal brands, growing their revenue and accelerating their impact. Jen has delivered hundreds of talks across the U.S., Canada, and the UK. She has spoken at the White House, State Department, Fortune 500 companies including IBM and GE, and at events such as the World Trade Center Institute’s Global Conference.

Her first book, The Intentional Entrepreneur, shares her process for launching brands that disrupt the status quo. Jen delivers actionable content through her presentations, podcast, and books. Jen earned her Bachelor’s and Executive MBA degrees from Georgetown University.

More about Listen: How to Embrace the Difficult Conversations Life Throws at You

One in four people have been putting off an uncomfortable conversation for at least six months, one in 10 have been doing so for a year and another one in 10 have been staying mum on an awkward issue for more than two years.

In Listen: How to Embrace the Difficult Conversations Life Throws at You, Jen Dalton provides intimate stories and gives a window into different difficult conversations. She shows how the more people practice, the easier conversations can become, or at least the better they will be at controlling their reactions in them.

This book will help answer these questions:

  • What important actions can I take to stay focused in difficult conversations?
  • Why do people get angry when I share facts to help them?
  • What are the top reasons we avoid conversations?
  • What can I do over family dinners when politics comes up?
  • How can I stay calm?

Listen is a guidebook to embracing difficult conversations that can improve relationships and change lives for good. There is no time like the present to speak to your family, friends, and/or co-workers and advance your relationships and ideas to the next level.

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